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Trusted by Parents and Loved by Children

Client Testimonials

Our daughter and son have been going to Early Bird Childcare for the past six months. Before attending, our 18 month old only had a vocabulary of 5 words. Now he is saying full sentences. Our daughter could only write her name before attending Early Bird Childcare and now she can write full sentences and it is eligible. These aren’t the only skills they have learned as the list goes on and on! Miss Cristi serves very healthy meals and puts on a program that I feel confident will help every child enter kindergarten. Miss Cristi treats each child as her own and I do not doubt for one second about our choice to send our kids there.”

Jessica and Sean Rhoten (Augusta,KS) | 2018 to Current 

"Highly recommend EarlyBird Learning, Mrs. Cristi was wonderful with our grandchildren and her staff is awesome." KJ Waggoner (Andover, KS)

"We were recommended to look into EBC by a family friend and we are so glad we did! My son as been attending EBC the last several years and I feel like the daily schedule and curriculum they teach is more than preparing him for kindergarten!"

Kim Labeda (Andover, KS) 2017-2019

“Our daughter, Madison, started at Earlybird Childcare when she was two in 2011 and still talks about how much she loved it and Miss Cristi. I'm pretty sure she would still go if she wasn't too old.

We enrolled our son, Connor, when he was three and plan on him going until he starts Kindergarten. When I had to look for daycare off base Earlybird was my first choice….really the only one I wanted to consider. It isn’t easy working full-time and sending my child to daycare, but having Earlybird Childcare as the place he goes every day certainly sets my mind more at ease. The staff and director really do care about the children and their development. It really is going to be hard when he starts school. Everyone there is so caring and like a second family to him. A million times thank you!” - A. LaFever (Rosehill, KS)  |2011 to Current

“EarlyBird Childcare has been an amazing experience for my daughter and myself. Cristi, the teacher, is very flexible with parent’s needs and takes the time to discuss with parents how their child is doing daily. Her instruction is geared to each student’s needs in a way that challenges them without frustration. She is kind and giving and makes each student feel happy to be at school. She also is a great cook and gives the students well rounded meals and snacks daily! I highly recommend EarlyBird Childcare!” – L. Green (Andover, KS) | April 2013

"Enrolling our daughter in Early Bird Child Care was one of the best decisions we as parents could have made for her. With this being the first daycare center she was at we were really nervous but I could not be more pleased with Cristi and all that she has done for our daughter. Cristi made sure that when our daughter left she was well prepared for what was to come in kindergarten. She made sure to keep us informed on her progress and gave us daily reports. We have made some lifelong friendships and hope that when our son is at the age requirement we can enroll him as well. I would strongly recommend Cristi and Early Bird Child Care!" – A. Maiden (Andover, KS) | August 2013

“Cristi has been watching our daughter Harley for the past 3 years. She has had her anywhere from part time to full time. Cristi promotes a home environment, with lots of healthy activities. She serves a nutritional menu, she teaches the children how to interact with each other. How helping one another is something they should strive for, she works with each child on his or her difficulties, she makes learning for the kids fun. Early Bird Childcare promotes safety, education, and a home like environment with respect. The kids are treated equal, the kids are taught on their learning style and scale. The children are made to feel less important due to a learning disability or not. One thing that is very comforting is when your child is excited to go to daycare because of the fun they have with the other kids, learning new things, being part of a group they enjoy. The kids are happy, clean, and healthy at early bird child care. The daycare is always clean, organized, and in good repair. If you have an issue or if there was an issue with your child, Ms. Cristi is always willing to discuss the situation. If she has any questions regarding your child she is quick to discuss her questions, concerns with you. Cristi always makes time to talk to the parents and when they drop off or pick up their child or children.

At Early Bird Child Care you know that your child is safe and well taken care, you can go to work and know that your child is in good hands. There are so many things that separate Early Bird Child Care from other daycares in the area. Cristi knows your child, she takes time to really learn about your child what makes them want to achieve more and strive for.

She knows what their likes and dislikes are. She works on their weaknesses and strengths. She pushes your child to be the very best they can be. We never once doubted she was in loving hands. Our daughter adores her and always ask about her even away from daycare. She is so excited to see her she wants to hug her and bring her gifts. She has a way of teaching the children in her care to be respectful of her and others while building true friendships and relationships with them.” – S. & J. Dehner (Augusta, KS) | 2011 to 2014

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